AIT NEWS – President Buahri Meets Workers,Promises To Sustain Anti-corruption Work

President Buahri Meets Workers; Promises To Sustain Anti-corruption Work

President Buhari  met workers of the Presidential Villa, addressing the workers, the president Admitted that the revenue accrued from the sale of crude oil, can no longer sustain the Nigerian economy. President Buhari said it is now time for Nigerians to go back to the farm. 

Perharps aware that most civil servants are accomplices in some high profile corrupt practices, president Buhari sounded it loud and clear that his administrations war on corruption will be sustained.

“If you don’t have houses in Abuja and the whole of Europe, you will sleep soundly. You and your family will earn respect. But if you short-change the treasury, you will be caught and I pity your family because people will be abusing them.”

 “I think personal integrity is something to be encouraged. I assure you that I am absolutely dedicated to serve Nigeria. Those who behave themselves will never regret, but those who don’t behave themselves, na their problem.”