Boko Haram Leader Denies Ceasefire Agreement In New Video

Boko Haram Leader (not pictured) Denies Ceasefire Agreement In New Video

Boko Haram Leader Denies Ceasefire Agreement In New Video. The leader of the Boko Haram group has denied claims that the group had reached a ceasefire agreement  with the Federal Government of Nigeria, insisting that the group will not negotiate.

The Leader sayed in the new video that the more than 200 girls kidnapped by the group six months ago from their school dormitory in Chibok had been “married off” to its fighters, contradicting Nigerian government claims they would soon be freed.

According to Channels TV,

The man in the video also denied there was a ceasefire, and denounced Ahmadu Danladi, who says he represents Boko Haram in Chad.

“Who says we are dialoguing or discussing with anybody? Are you talking to yourselves? We don’t know anybody by the name of Danladi. If we meet him now we will cut off his head,” the man in the video says.

“All we are doing is slaughtering people with machetes and shooting people with guns … War is what we want.”

He also said that the group was holding a “white man”. The only known hostage seized in the northeast is a German teacher kidnapped from a college in the northeastern city of Gombe in July by gunmen widely assumed to be linked to Boko Haram.

Shekau’s denial of the ceasefire appears supported by the violence since the government announced it two weeks ago. It also raises doubts about the actual influence of Ahmadu.