Military Helicopter Crashed In Yola, Adamawa State

Another military helicopter crashes near FUT in Yola

According to reports, a  Nigerian military helicopter  crashed in yola, Adamawa State.

A statement posted on Defence Headquarters blog disclosed that the crew of three was lost in the unfortunate event but that rescuers worked throughout the night until the Friday morning to preserve the wreckage and scene.

“At about 2200hours yesterday 13 November 2014, a ground attack helicopter on an armed patrol crashed around the Federal University of Technology Yola, Adamawa State.

“The crew of 3 was lost in the ill-fated accident.

“Rescue party worked throughout the night to preserve the wreckage of the aircraft and scene of the accident for proper investigation to be carried out.  Further details would be made known later,” the statement read.

Students of Federal University of Technology (FUTY), Yola located close to Girei town and a Local Government headquarters, who also confirmed the crash to Channels Television, said a military helicopter had crashed in the area.

Residents said two helicopters were hovering around town in anticipation of any possible attack from the dreaded Boko Haram members who were dislodged from Mubi town when one suddenly crashed, leaving the other hovering around the crash site.

A source also told Channels Television that “residents could not be allowed to reach the area of the crash as the extent of destruction and casualty will not be known”.

Although no authority has confirmed the crash, residents said there was serious patrol of security forces along roads and in the air. The presence of security personnel was to prevent the entrance of the insurgents to Yola, the headquarters of the state, the source revealed.