Student stabbed in the eye by lecturer

Student stabbed in the eye by lecturer

According to reports, Student was stabbed in the eye by lecturer at the University of Calabar. Chris Otu, the lecturer has been accused of stabbing a student in the eye with his car key.

According to the reports, after appearing for a lecture two hours late, the coordinator approached the lecturer with the white board marker, only for Mr. Chris Otu to hit the student’s head with a book. He reached for his car key in his pocket with which he stabbed the victim.

According to the reports from the university, many were wondering what could have resulted to the stabbing as there was no argument between the two, prior to the stabbing.

The victim has been partially blinded in one eye by the stabbing and has been treated by a hospital.

The lecturer according to the reports who they say is an ex-cultist,  was very unremorseful about the stabbing, instead telling students in the class to go and ask about him from other in the school.