Very Sad: Woman Stabs Nephew’s Penis

Very Sad: Woman Stabs Nephew’s Penis

See how a Woman Stabs her Nephew’s Penis.

According to Pulse News,

The woman is in America. Her name is Shatibia Murphy. She has been arrested for stabbing her 17-year-old nephew on the penis after a dispute over a piece of cake.

Murphy, 24, from Brooklyn was eating cake with her nephew when the two got into an argument before Murphy grabbed a knife and stabbed him twice at the groin and penis region.

Police were called to the scene at about on Saturday, November 9 and rushed the boy to the emergency unit of St. Luke’s hospital. He is reportedly recovering and under stable conditions.

Shatiba Murphy fled the scene when police arrived but was apprehended a few blocks away. She has been charged with a felony assault, Pulse News reported.